The Case for Action

Why Reimagine METRO’s Transit Network?

Transit System Re-imagining has the potential to significantly improve METRO’s transit system for many of our riders. We hope to make the system easier to use and understand and provide a better experience for our customers.  We realize the implementation of any changes to the overall transit system may also impact many current and potential riders.  Therefore before undertaking a reimagining of this scale, we want to make sure the reasons for this plan are clear.  These factors build from extensive community engagement and review of our current system performance.

The Case for Action – Five Key Factors

  1. The public asked for improvements to the core bus system in our Long Range Plan.
  2. There is a need to define the goals for transit in the METRO region.
  3. The Houston region is changing faster than the transit system has adapted.
  4. Three new light rail openings require rethinking large sections of the system.
  5. History and peer performance show METRO can do better.

To learn more about any of the reasons for Transit System Reimagining, click on the links above and read the Existing Conditions Report.