Transit System Reimagining

About  METRO’s System Reimagining Project

The System Reimagining project represents a fresh look at METRO’s bus network and how it can best meet the goals for transit in our region.  System Reimagining first seeks to define overall goals for the bus system then design a system with individual routes to meet those goals. By considering an integrated network of bus routes with the expanding rail service – including route alignment, frequency of service, potential connections, and improved links to development patterns – the system can be optimized to provide better service.

Through this process, METRO seeks to make the system easier to use, and more useful to more people.  The benefits should become evident – to existing and potential riders – leading to more trips by more people on public transit service.

To learn more, watch METRO Board Member Christof Spieler discussed the project on an episode of METRO Matters.

METRO Matters – System Reimagining