Meetings and More

METRO is excited to share the System Reimagining Plan with everyone, so if you would like a speaker to present the plan to your organization or community group, or have a question about the plan, please email

Public outreach on the Draft Reimagined Network Plan spanned from May through July 2014. We conducted 18 public meetings across the METRO Service Area, and flyers for these meetings were posted at nearly all transit centers and rail stations as well as on board buses and trains. In addition, 13 transit center events, 65+ neighborhood and community group presentations, and 40+ elected official briefings were conducted to help spread the word about this exciting project. In all, over 1,100 comments were received, may of which led to revisions to the plan to better serve the community.

# Location Address Date Time
1 Magnolia Multi-Service Center 7037 Capitol St., Houston, TX 77011 Wednesday, May 28 6pm-8pm
2 Metropolitan Multi-Service Center 1475 W. Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019 Thursday, May 29 6pm-8pm
3 Ellis Memorial Church of Christ 412 Massachusetts St., Houston, TX 77029 Tuesday, June 3 6pm-8pm
4 Trini Menenhall Sosa Community Center 1414 Wirt Road Houston, TX 77055 Thursday, June 12 6pm-8pm
5 HCC – Northwest College (Spring Branch Campus) 1010 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N., Houston, TX 77043 Monday, June 16 6pm-8pm
6 HCC – Southwest College (Alief Hayes Campus) 2811 Hayes Rd., Houston, TX 77082 Thursday, June 19 6pm-8pm
7 Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center 6500 Rookin St., Houston, TX 77074 Thursday, June 26 6pm-8pm
8 White Oak Conference Center 7603 Antoine Dr., Houston, TX 77088 Wednesday, July 9 6pm-8pm
9 Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center 3810 W. Fuqua Street, Houston, TX 77045 Thursday, July 10 6pm-8pm
10 Westbury Baptist Church 10425 Hillcroft Street, Houston, TX 77096 Tuesday, July 15 6pm-8pm
11 Third Ward Multi-Service Center 3611 Ennis St., Houston, TX 77004 Thursday, July 17 6pm-8pm
12 Sunnyside Multi-Service Center 9314 Cullen Blvd. Houston, TX 77051 Monday, July 21 6pm-8pm
13 Mangum-Howell Center 2500 Frick Road, Houston, Texas 77038 Tuesday, July 22 6pm-8pm
14 Northeast Multi-Service Center 9720 Spaulding St., Houston, TX 77016 Thursday, July 24 6pm-8pm
15 Acres Homes Multi-Service Center 6719 W. Montgomery Road, Houston, TX 77091 Monday, July 28 6pm- 8pm
15.5 Cypress Creek Christian Church 6823 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, TX 77379 Monday, July 28 6pm-8pm
16 Kashmere Multi-Service Center 4802 Lockwood Dr., Houston, TX 77026 Thursday, July 31 6pm-8pm