The Frequent Network

Use the slider to compare the existing weekday frequent network and the approved everyday frequent network.


The Wait is Over!

Forget about the schedule, because on the Frequent Network the next bus or train is always coming soon. The Reimagined Network Plan features a series of high-frequency routes with buses scheduled to run every 15 minutes or better fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. These 22 bus routes, along with the three rail lines, form the proposed Frequent Network. The Frequent Network sets you free by providing short waits and quick, easy transfers among major corridors connecting numerous neighborhoods and destinations.

Today, only 11 routes on weekdays, 3 on Saturday, and 1 Sunday bus route plus the Red Line LRT qualify as “Frequent.” The 22 bus routes and 3 rail lines in the Reimagined Frequent Network will extend this high-quality service, seven days a week, to a large majority of existing riders and attract new riders to the system, touching 1 million residents and 1 million jobs.

The animation above shows the existing weekday-only Frequent Network and the proposed all-week Reimagined Frequent Network. To download a copy of the Reimagined Frequent Network, click here.

Note that not all routes are shown on these Frequent Network maps. To see how routes serving other areas connect to the Frequent Network, take a look at the full Reimagined Network map here.

The Frequent Network: ready to go when you are!

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